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    Sisqo - No, Dru Hill - Maybe. The only name on this list I will accept is R. Kelly. GTFO with the rest.
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    What No Boys II men? LSG, 112, Jagged Edge, Joe(why do folks keep disrespecting Joe), and yeah the ladies wow really. I...
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    Dude, even only including the 2000’s, this list is full of no. But music tastes are like opinions… so, to each his own....
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    #facepalmIs this guy serious?
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    Who tf is max b??
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    ay don’t sleep on J. Holiday though. But I agree this list……it just ain’t right.
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    *snatches Mike’s Mic* The fact that Maxwell came out with BlackSummerNight’s and I don’t see his name on the list is...
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    Replace Sisqo (really?) and Max B with Avant and Tank. Then you got yourself an almost winning list of individuals. I...
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    Clearly a troll due to the lack of D’Angelo and the fact that MAX FUCKING B is on the list. He doesn’t even make R&B you...
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    ^^ Y’all still don’t get it huh
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    Lloyd and Tyrese (when he isn’t tweeting) are dope though. Well, Tyrese meant more when that first album was out, but...
  16. karmen300 said: …USHER?
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    this list makes me sad. extremely sad.
  18. ububububu said: &90s?